Out of the Shadows
An Exoloration of Dark Paganism and Magick

Dualism and Polarity


Much of the reason for the imbalance of overly fluffy New Age "White-light" Paganism, especially in Wicca, is because many have attempted to incorporate the good/evil dualism of Judeo-Christian-Islamic thought into the context of polarity. This has happened because many of today's Pagans are self-taught, receiving little or no formal training. The problem is that most of today's Pagans came from a Judeo-Christian-Islamic background and thus have been conditioned to view things in a dualistic manner. Through proper study, practice and meditation, we learn to change our perception of the universe away from dualism to a more wholistic view. Unfortunately this takes time and very few books have been written to cover anything more than the superficial basics. Thus today an unfortunate majority of Paganism is composed of self-taught individuals and groups still trapped in the conflicting dualistic mindset of Judeo-Christian-Islamic conditioning. They unintentionally, and often unconsciously, split polarity into conflicting sides creating dualism when there is none. To them Wicca is "light" and therefor "good", while "dark" paths are "evil". Such a distinction was never intended to be part of Wiccan or Neopagan belief.

This chapter explores the differences between the concepts of Dualism and Polarity as well as addresses the problem of confusing gender with the Masculine/Feminine polarity.

© John J. Coughlin, 1997 - 2001

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