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Below are some guidelines for posting to our open discussion forums, the guidelines for the News and Announcement forum can be found by clicking here. Please keep in mind that while we do allow for off-topic dicussions to build community, we all need to limit fluff and OT posts on a list with such a large membership.

Generally the guidelines are the same for all forums although it has been worded more for the e-list.

Some things should go private:

So having said that, this is a perfect example of something that should be taken to private e-mail. It has become aimed at a specific person after starting out in a general thread. When you find that a thread is headed in the direction of being targeted at a specific person or small group, we would like to ask that it be taken to private e-mail.

List Topicality:

Please remember that Corporate Goth has a stated purpose and topic. This list was formed to address issues unique to the Gothic subculture in the corporate world. While this list is somewhat informal and serves as a virtual support group, we should strive to adhere to the purpose of the list. Some of the on-topic discussions have been very fruitful and interesting. We need to strike a balance between substance and fluff. Social interaction is a large part of what this list is about but we have to be careful that the on-topic material does not get lost in the noise.

Off topic posting:

Well this is a tough one. We have been fairly lenient about such things but as this list grows, we have the potential for some serious problems if we allow off-topic posting to continue unabated. I guess at this point we should ask folks on the list to practice a bit of self moderation. Ask yourself if what you are posting really belongs on this list. Some recent discussions illustrate my point. Discussing things like work related injuries and associated topics would be on topic. Discussing personal health issues is inappropriate.


Again, this can be a tough one. One-liners of the "me too" variety should either be sent in private or not sent at all. At any rate, they do not belong on list. This is not to imply that all one-liners are bad. If a question can be answered succinctly in a single line, then that is perfectly fine. The important thing is content and not the length of the message. If the content is there, the length is a moot point.

Combined replies:

There is a practice that some people use that would help cut down on the sheer number of posts. These people combine replies to multiple posts in a single reply. This takes a little more effort but it works great when you have several short replies to multiple people. Consider using this if you have the opportunity to do so.

Subject Lines:

Please do everyone the favor of making the subject line appropriate to the content of the post. This applies both to new messages and to existing threads. If the subject of an existing thread is changing as they often do, take a moment to change the subject line to reflect that. Because many people read posts based upon the subject, this allows people to better determine if they might want to read a post.

Forwarding of material from the list:

Posts to CorpGoth should be considered as private correspondence and NOTHING from the list should be forwarded to any third party without permission of everyone involved (all authors whose material is forwarded). We have not had any problems with this that I am aware of, but I wished to point this out because there is the potential for damage to be done if proper care is not taken.

Quote relevant material in replies:

When replying to a post, be sure to quote the material you are answering. Good quoting practice identifies who said what and sets quoted material off in such a way that it is obvious what is quotation and what is new material. The example I used above is actually a perfect demonstration of one fairly standard way to do this.

Trimming posts:

When replying to a post, include only the relevant material in your reply. If you are replying to ten percent of what somebody said, cut the irrelevant material away. This makes it clearer and easier to read and understand the context of the post. When trimming be sure to remove all headers, footers, sig files, etc. These things just clutter up the reply and make it much larger than it should be.

No posting of events:

I wish to reiterate that there is a policy on this list banning the posting of events. This policy was put in place some time ago in order to help keep the volume of posts at a manageable level. Due to the international and geographically diverse nature of the membership of the CorpGoth list, local event posts will be of interest to few people. Likewise, such things as DJ set lists and unsolicited commercial e-mail (often but somewhat erroneously referred to as Spam) are covered under this list policy.

Please use our News and Announcement forum which can be located at http://forums.corporategoth.net. A weekly digest of this news forum will be posted to our YahooGroups e-list as a newsletter.

This rule does not apply to events of a wider appeal under the following circumstances:

- The event must be posted before the next newsletter.
- The person posting must contact the list moderators and get approval BEFORE posting about the event.
Informal CorpGoth gatherings:

If a member or group of members of this list wish to host an informal CorpGoth gathering in their city like the recent Denver and Chicago events, here is how you would go about it:

1. The person(s) wishing to organize such an event would post the idea to this list to gauge interest and to let the general list populace know that something is in the works.

2. Actual detail planning would then move to the goth-events@yahoogroups.com list or to private e-mail.

3. The organizer would make occasional reminder posts to the News and Announcements forum listed at http://forums.corporategoth.net to make sure that people here know about it. These reminders should be no more than one every two or three weeks with a few more immediately before the event. These reminders should also invite those who are interested to join the planning discussions either on the goth-events list or private e-mail.

4. For informal gatherings, there is no need to get approval from the Templars. If you wish to treat your event as an official CorpGoth event, you must obtain permission from the Templars and/or list owner. They may be reached by sending an e-mail to CorpGoth

Jokes, chain letters, on-line petitions, etc.:

Please refrain from posting jokes, virus warnings, chain letters or the like to the list. Most of us will get these things at least a few times from other sources. Frankly, I get tired of seeing the exact same things come through my in box every few weeks. Please be considerate of others with regards to these types of posts. On-line petitions do absolutely no good, please do not forward them to the list (there is no way to verify that actual people signed such documents, therefore, law makers ignore them).

Three strikes policy:

There is a rather lenient policy in place regarding violations of list policies. In general, the first offense will result in a warning from one of the moderators. Second offense will result in a sterner warning with a reminder that the offender may be banned from the list if the offenses continue. On the third offense, the offender will be suspended from the list. At this time, the moderators and Templars will vote to decide if the offender should be banned. We do not take this lightly and will not ban somebody without good cause. In the entire history of this list, only one person has ever been banned, we hope that no more will join in that fate but it is an option if necessary.

A word about the Templars:

The Templars are essentially the men and women behind the scenes who are working to make CorpGoth more than just a communication forum. Exciting things are being planned that will make CorpGoth a valuable resource to this community and the Templars are the folks that will shape that future. (A list of who they are will be announce shortly)

A word about the moderators:

Moderators are here to help keep things moving smoothly. We try hard to be fair and to not let personal perceptions and/or issues get in the way of problems that occur on the list. We can be viewed as both enforcers of the rules and helpers. We try to emphasize the latter since we hope that folks on this list would be of a higher level of maturity where enforcement would not be needed often.

The Moderators are:

Dark Wyccan (Owner,Founder - only mods when needed)
Gavin (Head moderator)
Dragon (e-list only)
Margaret (e-list only)
Contacting the Moderators or Templars:

If you ever need to contact the moderators and/or Templars about anything, please use the CorpGoth email address. Please feel free to send us any questions, complaints or concerns you may have so they can be addressed by the CorpGoth Staff. We prefer that complains NOT be made on the public list since other members may not want to hear about it.

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