The Corporate Goth News and Announcement Forum was designed to keep the open discussion forums from being suffocated with announcements. This is particularly of importance since we have a membership distributed internationally so events for a specific city only interest a small percentage of members.

On a weekly basis (Wednesdays) the digest of this forum is forwarded to the open discussion list on Yahoo Groups to serve as a community news letter. Members may also visit the forum or subscribe to it directly should they want news updates as they are approved.

Guidelines for the News and Announcements Forum

  • This is a strictly moderated forum for member announcements. Off topic discussions and responses to posts are not permitted. Please use our e-list for that.

  • All messages must be approved by a moderator before they will appear on the forum. This may take several hours to a day depending on the availability of the moderators.

  • Subject headings should be specific and include the city and/or state or country if it is a local event. This will allow people in that area to quickly find local announcements. For example, a new club opening in NYC might have a subject line such as "(NYC) New Club Opening"

  • You must be an active member of one of our open discussion forums (e-list or BBS) to post announcements. Be active I mean you did not just join to post your announcements. People should at lease be able to recognize you as a member.

  • Event listings do not have to be "official" CG events. Any club representative, DJ or promoter may post here provided they are active members as described above.

  • Business owners and other entrepreneurs may also post announcements to this news forum provided they are active members as described above.

  • The same ad should not be listed more than twice in a row. This forum is generally for events and to announce new stores or services. Therefore a store or recurring club night may introduce itself but should limit reminder posts to a few a year. (People will not read a newsletter with alot of repetition every week.)

  • Absolutely no "get rich quick" or "work at home" scams or solicitations permitted. Legitimate job opportunities are most welcome. You know the difference.

  • Announcements for a personal website will probably not be listed unless that site provides a useful service of interest to our members.

  • Although we are generally open minded and flexible to what can be posted here, the moderators have the right to decline those posts which are deemed inappropriate. An explanation will be given in such circumstances.

    This forum is moderated by the same people who moderate the open discussion forums and lists. They can be reached at [email protected]

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