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Mary and the Dark Goddesses
by Donna Wilshire

This is the temple of Hekate
Old Woman, living alone in reflection
This temple dug into the earth . . .
This temple is the Inner Sanctum
The close and holy darkness inside the earth
Here one descends into
The Spiral Labrynth of Transformation!
Old Hekate!
Goddess of Transformation!
She leads us . . .
Inside . . .
And down
Into the close and holy darkness of the Earth!
Goddess of Inner Journeys!
She leads us into the close and holy darkness
of our Innermost Selves
Goddess of Reflection!
She leads us into the close and holy darkness
of our minds and hearts and wombs . . .
Deep inside where we are truly alone . . .
But not afraid!
For Hekate, the Loving Mother
who leads us into darkness,
Leads us out!

By Donna Wilshire's Virgin, Mother, Crone: Myths and Mysteries of the Triple Goddess, p. 165

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