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Snake Woman
by Dominae

She dons the grey and hooded cloak;
unique in unintrusiveness,
veiling her true visage
concealed in all mysteries
which are blind in consciousness;
gliding warm silk whisper
out of the corner of my eye

The mother of sensation
revealed only through abandon
pressing forth with passion's urgence
until blackness fills with red
Hooded, cloaked to those who hesitate
to confront her scal'ed visage
revealed in all obscenity
to those drawn to her embrace

The constriction of true freedom
wraps across my yearning body
and I revel in her warm dark scales,
letting waves of breath escape

Her eyes do not hold evil,
but true knowledge of our freedom
fleeing wildly from oppression,
enslavement and discourse
to the silence of ecstacy,
the darkness of the wood,
the warmth of the black cave,
the hollowness of time

The power of the snake who coils;
enfolds in scales the spiral's mysteries
undiscovered within
She who strikes with vengeance and justice,
She who whispers in my ear,
She who hisses passions intense-
In darkest black
In flaming red
Present but not seen
Hidden in full view
She and I entangle
and I turn a greedy ear

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