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Theatre of Masks
"The Shadow"

by Levi Reed

In a room of a thousand seats
A performance plays of blood and shadow
Rotten humour of ancient gold
The flags of midnight hang below

Tears of warmth and evocation
Blood seeps from thy eyes
Masks of the unknown come from the grave
To spread a dark surprise

Wicked laughter echoes round
Shall we run and hide
Or stop to uncover the buried truth
Face the fears from deep inside

All feel that which leaves large holes
Such as hurt and torment
But even happiness resides in the darkest of souls

A scream of happiness
And laughter of pain
Hiding within us
A room of shame

The Shadow holds what we do not want to know or see
For sheer terror of what will set us free
Confronting that which dismay us all
Will send one into a perpetual freefall

Acceptance of our inner demons
Will forever entail internal freedom
Bring forth the unseen truth of Self
And live always with inner wealth

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