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Contained in this section is a collection of essays and articles from various sources on topic related in some way to dark spirituality. I welcome you to share your own work here so that others can benefit from your insights and experiences. Their inclusion here does not indicate my attitudes, pro or con, but merely collected here since they will no doubt be of interest to many who visit here frequently.


Reclaiming Darkness in Paganism: A Call to Balance

What is Dark Paganism?

Gothic Paganism

Gothic Paganism - an Introductory Essay

Exercises with Darkness

Why We Bother Dealing with Society at All


The Riddle of the Trickster: a cross-cultural overview

The Manifestation of Kali in Universe as an Astrophysical Anomaly

Embracing the Dark Goddess

The Holy Fool: The Third Member of the Triad


That Old Black Magic: Getting Specific about Magical Ethics

Ethics (of the witch/mage/shaman)

Free Love: On Neo-Pagan Sexual Ethics

The Asshole Effect


Blood Sacrifices - Blood Spells - Blood Charms

Chaoism & Chaos Magic, A Personal View

Ritual Theory & Technique

How Magic and Esp Work - A Quantum Mechanical Perspective

Common Laws of Magic

Definitions/Theories/Observations of Magic


Leather and Magic

A Few Thoughts Regarding the Tantric Path

Sex and Magic

Introduction to the Tantra

Grim's Flogging FAQ

Hatha Yoga Practice

Masochism as a Spiritual Path

An Intimate Look at Ritual Pain

Blood Mysteries: Are Cutting and Bloodsports a Women's Thing?


The Learning Process

On the Definition of the Sacred


Various Definitions of "Religion"

The Creed Of Nihilism

Santeria: The Afro-Antillian Religion of the Lucumis