Dress the Goth!

~The Experiment~

I've said it before and I will say it again.. I am a graphics spaz.. I try, I really do, but although my mind comes up with great ideas, my hands just can't always follow. Fortunately I've found a creative outlet in programming... ahh to be a nerd.

This is my first attempt at programing in Flash. I have some neat ideas to improve it, such as drop down boxes for clothing categories, multiple instances and colors of items, etc. Alas I need time to do this... and also someone to draw the images since, as you will see, an artist I am not. (If you want to help with the artwork, e-mail me.)

Click Here to Dress the GothBoi!
(This is the beta.. the full version will be a uni-sex goth.)

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-Dark Wyccan

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