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King Pausole Appearances in Literature

This was the most detailed response to my earliest inquiries into the "Good King Pausol" reference made by Gerald Gardner.

From: "Jones, David R." 
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Subject: RE: Good King Pausol?
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 

Do what thou wilt

Shall be the whole of the Law.

>I've been working on a paper that traces the evolution of Wiccan ethics
>and I've had a hard time trying to find references to "the legendary Good
>King Pausol" that Gardner mentioned in The Meaning of Witchcraft.  Does
>anyone have any ideas?  I have found nothing on the Internet, and no luck
>in the mythology and history books in my study.  I am somewhat under the
>impression this is a literary character but I am at a loss as to where to
>even begin the search since Gardner was quite well read!!!

        King Pausole is sometimes erroneously attributed to Rabelais,
because LeRoy Pausole is of course using a variant of the Rabelaisian
dictum, from the portal of the Abbey of Thelema (1), and hence the
relationship to Crowley's first Law (2).  From what I have seen of book and
its derivative theatrical forms it certainly seems heavily influenced by
Rabelais on many levels.

        King Pausol is in fact not legendary per se but the literary
creation from the French novel by Pierre Louÿs 9(1870-1925): Les Aventures
du roi Pausole : Pausole (souverain paillard et débonnaire)(1901 and
reprinted in 1925 numerous times since), or the Adventures of King Pausole
(the bawdy and good natured sovereign).  An image of the frontpiece of the
1st edt. can be found at the Gallica online library [3a] along with a Table
of Contents and a promise of text [3b]. I have appended the Table of
Contents [i] and my computer aided translation would seem to indicate to me
that Book 1 Chapter 4 is probably the place to look, but this is just a
guess.  The work looks to be Victorian erotica, as do the other works of
Louÿs [3a].  One reviewer described the book as "Fine, funny, risqué novel
of the king of a strange country, who has a thousand wives, and believes in
sexual freedom for everyone except his own daughter Aline. Aline finally
runs away with a "boy" who is really a disguised girl." [5]
        Louys, Pierre. The adventures of King Pausole. London : The Fortune
Press, 1919. Collected works of Pierre Louys. New York : Liveright, Inc,
1932 (illust. H. G. Spanner). New York : Shakespeare House, 1951. New York :
Liveright, 1952; [5] as well as at least a Danish translation Kong Pausole
(trans. Svend Johansen).  Though I cannot find it in GBG's library list the
various versions of it (vide supra et post): French, English, Operetta and
Film make it likely that GBG knew it from one or more sources.

        The book was used as the basis of an Operetta: Les Aventures du roi
Pausole (1930) by the Swiss composer Arthur Honegger (1892-1955)[6] and the
French librettists Arthur Willemetz (1887-1964)[7]. GBG could certainly have
seen a performance given the time frame. A modern recording is available
[8], the operetta is popular enough to rate modern performances [9]. How
much French GBG knew is not something I have any idea of?  It was common for
male Brits to have passable schoolboy fluency in it, as witnessed decent
translations from that language by his near contemporaries Crowley, Mathers,
Wescott and Waite.  Arthur Honegger was a lesser-known modern classical
composer, associated with Schoenberg and Stravinsky (both of whom were
heavily influenced by pagan themes). Willemetz was a famous librettist of
the French comedic theatre and a popular biography by his daughter is

        The book was also made into a film directed by Alexis Granowsky [10]
(released 1933) featuring the Swiss born Austrian actor Emil Jannings
(1884-1950, Oscar for best actor in The Way of All Flesh, 1927 and The Last
Command 1928): released variously under the titles Die Abenteuer des Königs
Pausole (Germany), König Pausole (Austria), King Pausole (Great Britain) and
The Merry Monarch (USA) [11].  According to the storyline the plot goes:
"Happy king Pausole reigns peacefully on the kingdom of Triphème. Each
night, to share its layer, it chooses one of its 366 wives who live all in
waiting of this annual event. The life runs out calmly until the arrival of
an aviator who, falling under the charm from the girl from Pausole, hustles
the practices of the palace." [12] Available in video [13]

        I am in the process of getting most of this material via
Interlibrary Loan and will keep you all informed, regarding its relation to
the Rede and the dictum of will as its categorical imperative.


Liber 220: I:


1906 & 1931

1925[email protected]_Auteur(LOUYS%20PIERRE)








for some details with a rather cute picture of the cast at:






Louÿs (P.) . Les Aventures du roi Pausole : Pausole (souverain paillard et



CHAPITRE PREMIER. - Comment le Roi Pausole connut pour la première fois les
vicissitudes de l'existence  1
CHAPITRE II. - Où l'on présente le Roi Pausole, son harem, son Grand-Eunuque
et le palais du gouvernement  16
CHAPITRE III. - Où l'on décrit la blanche Aline de la tête aux pieds, pour
que le lecteur déplore sa fuite et la pardonne en même temps 23
CHAPITRE IV. - Comment le Roi Pausole rentra dans son palais et ce qu'il
jugea bon d'y faire  29
CHAPITRE V. - Du conseil que tint le Roi chez les femmes de son harem et du
choix qu'il sut faire entre plusieurs avis 36
CHAPITRE VI. - Comment Diane à la Houppe et le Roi Pausole virent entrer
quelqu'un qu'ils n'attendaient pas. 50
CHAPITRE VII. - Qui est considérablement écourté, eu égard aux lois en
vigueur 61
CHAPITRE VIII. - Où Pausole examine des révélations sur une lettre dont
l'importance n'échappera point au lecteur  64
CHAPITRE IX. - Où Pausole se détermine  79


CHAPITRE PREMIER. - Comment la blanche Aline vit danser un ballet, et ce qui
s'ensuivit 89
CHAPITRE II. - Où Pausole, non content d'avoir pris une résolution, va
jusqu'à l'exécuter  98
CHAPITRE III. - Comment le Miroir des nymphes devint celui des jeunes filles
CHAPITRE IV. - Où Pausole et ses conseillers manifestent leurs contrastes
CHAPITRE V. - Où Mirabelle dévoile sa petite âme malicieuse et sentimentale
CHAPITRE VI. - Où Pausole et ses compagnons causent à bâtons rompus et
s'arrètent sur une pointe d'épingle  135
CHAPITRE VII. - Comment Giguelillot, après plusieurs aventures pendables,
inventa un stratagème et retrouva la blanche Aline 148
CHAPITRE VIII. - Où la blanche Aline prend son tub vers quatre heures de
l'après-midi  168
CHAPITRE IX. - Où Pausole, ayant secoué la mélancolie de la Règle, éprouve
les déboires de la Fantaisie 176
CHAPITRE X. - Comment Giguelillot parvint jusqu'au chevet de la blanche
Aline, et ce qui s'ensuivit  182


CHAPITRE PREMIER. - Comment le harem abandonné leva l'étendard de la révolte
CHAPITRE II. - Où M. Lebirbe entre en scène et où Philis pousse un petit cri
CHAPITRE III. - Où l'on découvre un crime horrible. 209
CHAPITRE IV. - Comment Giguelillot se présenta chez le Roi et quelles
paroles furent prononcées pour et contre sa bonne cause 216
CHAPITRE V. - Où chacun est traité selon ses vertus.  224
CHAPITRE VI. - Où M. Lebirbe et le Roi Pausole s'aperçoivent avec surprise
qu'ils ne s'entendent pas sur tous les points 228
CHAPITRE VII. - Où l'on fait des récits de voyage sur un pays bien singulier
CHAPITRE VIII. - Comment Taxis prétendit suivre l'exemple de la belle
CHAPITRE IX. - Comment Giguelillot comprenait les devoirs de l'hospitalité
antique 260
CHAPITRE X. - Où Giguelillot reçoit de Mlle Lebirbe une proposition qui lui
sourit tout de suite 271
CHAPITRE XI. - Comment les projets de Pausole et les rêves de Diane à la
Houppe s'accordaient exactement 287


CHAPITRE PREMIER. - Comment Diane à la Houppe expliqua son rêve et
Thierrette ses ambitions 295
CHAPITRE II. - Comment Philis trouva un mari  307
CHAPITRE III. - Où Philis babille, écoute et s'instruit. 309
CHAPITRE IV. - Comment Taxis apprit enfin la vérité sur toute l'affaire 321
CHAPITRE V. - Comment le Roi Pausole fut reçu par le peuple de Tryphême 326
CHAPITRE VI. - De la promenade que fit Pausole à travers sa capitale  342
CHAPITRE VII. - Où le lecteur retrouve heureusement les héroïnes de cette
histoire  351
CHAPITRE VIII. - Où les événements se précipitent.  369
CHAPITRE IX. - Où Giguelillot, lui aussi, devient amoureux 376
CHAPITRE X. - Où l'on pressent la fin 385



for the first time the vicissitudes of existence 1 CHAPTER II. - Where the
harem and giant Eunuch of King Pausole are presented along with a tour of
the palace of the government 16 CHAPTER III. - Where one describes the pure
Aline [Pausole's daughter] from head to toe, so that the reader deplore her
escape and yet at the same time forgives her. 23 CHAPTER IV. - How King
Pausole re-entered his palace and what is judged good to do there 29 CHAPTER
V. - Counsel that rings the King with the women of his harem and choice that
it sut to do between several opinions 36 CHAPTER VI. - How Diane to the Tuft
and the King Pausole turn to enter someone that they did not await. 50
CHAPTER VII. - That is considerably écourté, had consideration to the laws
in vigor 61 CHAPTER VIII. - Where Pausole examines revelations on a letter
of which importance not at all escape the reader 64 CHAPTER IX. - Where
Pausole determines itself 79 DELIVERS SECOND FIRST CHAPTER. - How the white
Aline lives to dance a ballet, and what s'ensuivit itself 89 CHAPTER II. -
Where Pausole, happy no to have take a resolution, goes to to execute 98 for
it CHAPTER III. - How the Mirror of the nymphes devint the one of the girls
106 CHAPTER IV. - Where Pausole and its counselors show their contrasts 115
CHAPTER V. - Where Mirabelle unveils his small mischievous and sentimental
soul 123 CHAPTER VI. - Where Pausole and its companions cause to broken
sticks and s'arrètent itself on a point pin 135 CHAPTER VII. - How
Giguelillot, after several adventures pendables, inventa a stratagème and
retrouva the white Aline 148 CHAPTER VIII. - Where the white Aline takes his
tub about four hours of the afternoon 168 CHAPTER IX. - Where Pausole,
having shaken the melancholy of the Rule, test the setbacks of the Fantasy
176 CHAPTER X'S. - How Giguelillot parvint to the bedside of the white
Aline, and what s'ensuivit itself 182 DELIVERS THIRD FIRST CHAPTER. - How
the abandoned harem leva the standard of the revolt 197 CHAPTER II. - Where
M. Lebirbe enters in scene and where Philis pushes a small cry 204 CHAPTER
III. - Where one discovers a horrible crime. 209 CHAPTER IV. - How
Giguelillot itself présenta with the King and which words were pronounced
for and against his good cause 216 CHAPTER V. - Where each east treated
according to its virtues. 224 CHAPTER VI. - Where M. Lebirbe and the King
Pausole notice themselves with surprised that they do not agree on all the
points 228 CHAPTER VII. - Where one does narratives trip on a well unique
country 241 CHAPTER VIII. - How Taxis prétendit to follow the example of the
beautiful Thierrette 252 CHAPTER IX. - How Giguelillot understood the duties
of antique hospitality 260 CHAPTER X'S. - Where Giguelillot receives Mlle
Lebirbe a suggestion that smiles him right away 271 CHAPTER XI. - How the
projects Pausole and the dreams Diane to the Tuft agreed exactly 287
DELIVERS FOURTH FIRST CHAPTER. - How Diane to the Tuft expliqua his dream
and Thierrette its ambitions 295 CHAPTER II. - How Philis trouva a husband
307 CHAPTER III. - Where Philis chatters, listen and instructs itself. 309
CHAPTER IV. - How Taxis apprit at last the truth on all the matter 321
CHAPTER V. - How the King Pausole was received by the people Tryphême 326
CHAPTER VI. - Walk that fit Pausole through his capitale 342 CHAPTER VII. -
Where the reader rediscover fortunately the héroïnes of this history 351
CHAPTER VIII. - Where the events precipitate themselves. 369 CHAPTER IX. -
Where Giguelillot, him also, becomes in love 376 CHAPTER X'S. - Where one
press the fine 385 ÉPILOGUE 395

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