Manuscript Collaboration Project

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(Site just opened, please be patient as word gets out.)

This site is geared to those few individuals like myself who collect various occult-related manuscripts such as the Sloane MSS. in the British Library and wish to discuss the material therein. These manuscripts are available - at considerable cost - from the libraries which house them and are usually in microfilm form, although some libraries can offer printed copies.

Such discussion includes:

The scope of this project focuses particularly on grimoires and related magical texts. While there will likely be some crossover into (or later inclusion of) alchemical texts, I would recommend The Alchemy Website organized by Adam McLean. This project will of course reflect the needs of those who use it and so its ultimate scope is relative to its use.

What we are NOT...

While we may share/trade some of our scans with other MSS. owners before ordering from a library or publisher, moochers (those who want and do not have) will not find much help here. Feel free to start with something cheaper like the Esoteric Archives where you can find free material to start you out. Beggars will be banned.

We are also not a place to discuss spells or even grimoires in general unless related to a discussion of its source manuscripts.There are tons of lists which discuss grimoires so just do a search on the Internet.

In other words, this is for serious researchers and collectors who are investing their time and money to work with reproductions of various "rare" manuscripts.

Abbreviations: MS. = manuscripts; MSS.=manuscripts