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Ms. Description

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:56 pm
by John J. Coughlin
British Library MS. Harley 4724.

1. A tract with the title 'Of the Veritie and Antiquitie of the Chemicke Arte, & Powder or Medicine of the Philosophers, or aurum potabile; and of the Matter and composition thereof, and of his marvailous force, in 3 Kinds of Things, animal, vegetall, & minerall. Testimonies and Theoremes gathered out of divers Authors, Sacred Divines, Lawyers, Phisitions, Philosophers, & Poets, by Roberte Valence'. With some Latin Verses on Alchemy prefixed.
2. 'Secretum nobilissimum & verissimum veneralilis viri Jodoci Greveri, Presbiteri'. f.39.
3. The sayings of Alanus the Philosopher, of the Philosophers Stone. f.71.
4. 'An Epistle of Joh. Pontanus, a great Philosopher, wherein is entreated of the Philosophers Stone'. f.81.
5. 'A Treatise of Thomas of Aquine, of the Philosophers Stone.' f.85.
6. John de Rupescissa, his Book of Light. f.106.
7. 'The Keye of Raymund Lully of Majorca, which is also called an Apertorie, wherein all thinges which are required in Alchimie are plainly declared.' f.121.