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Ms. Description

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:11 pm
by John J. Coughlin
British Library MS. Harley 853.
Paper. Folio. Written by several hands.

Contains divers Tracts, etc, for the most part Chemical or Historical.
1. The Compounde of Alchemye, in English Verse by Sir George Riplie Chanon of Bridlington. f.1.
2. A Compend upon the Phylosopher's Stone, sent unto Kinge Edward the IV from Lovayne; in Englishe verses. f.22.
3. Description of the Ixir, or Elixir, that is, the Philosophers Stone, with receipts for the making of it. f.25.
4. Thomas Norton's Ordinal of Alchymie, in English Verse. f.26b.
5. De Signis Elementorum. f.65b.
6. Liber Quintae Essenciae, in Englishe, brefe drawne owte of the booke of Quinte-Essence being in Latine, that Hermes the Prophet and King of Egipt, had by revelacion of an Angell of God to him. etc. f.66.
18. To make the Philosophers Stone, by Thomas Knight. f.127.