Gothic nail care? Well... yes, in a way. Obviously much of what you will find in these pages applies to anyone who wants to maintain long nails, but often goths are looking for a certain look that would make a nail care professional scream. (Such as very long and/or sharp nails - especially on men, and dark nailpolish or macbre nail designs.)

These pages contain a compilation of nail care techniques and design tips that I have learned through both research and trial and error. Actually it started out as a joke but since I was sharing real tips it turned into a very handy resource!

Feel free to share your experiences and tips here. Should you have ideas on how I can improve this site you are welcome to contact me.

Keep in mind that I don't actually put in as much effort as I probably should to maintain my nails and thus live with the occasional broken nail (after a bit of griping of course!) but, when I do make the effort, I find I have less problems. I don't go for manicures, prefering to do it all myself.

Oh, just to avoid the hassle, standard disclaimers apply, blah blah blah. This stuff worked for me so probably won't kill you, but I'm just a pointy-nailed freak so what the heck would I know?!

Finally, as much as I love to get e-mail, I really don't want to hear about your nail fetishes and sexual fantasies. I have long nails for purely aesthetic reasons. I have no nail fetish but of course will find ways to incorporate my nails into my sexual activities if my partner enjoys it - that's as far as it goes. Feel free to write me to discuss nail care and design, not to ask me details of my sexuality. If you want to know more about me, visit my personal web page or professional web page first.

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