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United States

I prefer long, pointed nails myself, and always carry fast drying brush-on nail glue with me for emergency repairs, and use brush-on nail resin for repairs at home. Both products tend to be more flexible & less brittle than normal superglue with the same holding power and are made to bind safely to natural nails for repairs ( cracks, breaks, splits, ect.). Plus you can use the nail glue in combination with acrylic powder to do heavy duty nail repairs, too.
you can find both products at any public beauty supply store.

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Entry No: 14 | Posted: Fri Dec 14 2007, 5:49am

Orion Blue

United States

in a mega emergancy the strike strip on a book of matches works ok as a file. If a nail breaks and ur out and about or dont have the suave nail kit at home a nail can be temporarily mended on the go with cigarette rolling papers. identify the tear in the nail cover with a piece of rolling paper and adhere it to the nail with polish or super glue. This will get you thru an evening out on the town till a more permanant measure can be taken.

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Entry No: 13 | Posted: Wed Jul 25 2007, 8:13pm



In an emergency and if the nail isn't completely broken, you can also use a piece of teabag material bonded over with nail varnish to hold the nail until you have time to repair it properly. Just cut down the material to the right size (make it at least slightly larger than the tear so that it'll hold), and put a few coats of clear nail varnish over it.

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Entry No: 12 | Posted: Wed Nov 1 2006, 4:13pm



I agree with another poster, I have torn both of my thumbnails (about a quarter of the way through) & repaired them with artificial nail glue. You wouldn't even know!

It was a bit of an experiment as I was about to cut it & all my other nails down (I hate having different lengths in my nails). I saw my nail glue from my acrylic days & gave it a go.

Run a small amount straight from the tube onto the broken nail edges, then hold it together with an orange stick or toothpick for a few seconds till it bonds (doesnt take long).

Then use a White (or lesser grade) nail file or block (cushioned) to gently take away any excess glue. DONT overfile.

Pop on your nail polish & a couple of topcoat layers.

After a few nail polish removals you might find the glue has dissolved (it lasts for about 4 to 9 nail polishes for me). That's fine - just put the glue on again.

Dont use too much glue or you'll find it going underneath your nails too. You'll also find it hard to get a flat surface when filing - you might overfile & take the glue off!

With practice you will know how much to put on.

Hope this helps gRRLs!

PS: Great page :)


Entry No: 11 | Posted: Wed Mar 21 2007, 6:20am


United States

i work in the tv/film industry as a background actor, and i have pretty thin nails. there have been at least a few occasions where one of my nails has partially broken, and run a high risk of snagging on my clothing, etc. and ripping all of the way off. since leaving the set to hunt down the medic for a bandaid is not always a possibility, and a bandaid really only covers up the problem, i use my method. it literally only takes a couple of seconds, and it really works.

i always keep a bottle of clear nail polish in the bag i bring to set, so it is close at hand. the first chance i get, i rip off a small piece of tissue or toilet paper (using only 1 ply of it makes the repair less noticable) and place is over the tear, making sure it is completely covered. you can even let the tissue hang off the edge of the nail a little and snip the excess once it's dry.. then i paint over it with clear polish. once the polish is dry, it creates a pretty good hold and will prevent the nail from snagging. it's a great emergency fix, and as long as you keep adding layers of clear nail polish every day and/or re-patching it every few days until the nail is long enough to trim, it will usually last as long as you need. it's perfect for when you need a really quick fix, or don't have/can't afford the aforemention store-bought solutions.


Entry No: 10 | Posted: Sat Mar 31 2007, 10:23pm

Just A Shy One...


Hey,I have a pretty damn badly damaged nail right now so I know what you should do! It doesn't hurt much and you MUST wait for it to dry up. When it drys up it will produce a scab-like thing. But its not a scab, actually its nail. You might be alarmed by the brownish colour but thats cause its only the second layer the ral one will grow back in 3-4 months. Don't put a plaster on it cause it will get wet and stay wet and when you take off the plaster it will smell horrible. Your flesh will be all weird and white. Don't pick,scratch,bite or try to rip it off. I know it will be very tempting to do so but don't you know why? Because you will be ripping off the protective skin which covers your RAW flesh underneath. And i kid you not it HURTS like hell!!!!! It hurts so bad that when you get up in the morning you can't even move! I mean THAT bad, i know cause it happened to me! So be patient and care for it as if its your baby. Don't put any weird cap thingys cos it will probably get worse and infected. Just wait for it to heal and dry up. You can cover it up with tissue and tape but replace the 'bandage' regularly and when you replace it don't put it on immediately cause you should let the damp nail dry up first. Hope this advice works for you!! Works for me...


Entry No: 9 | Posted: Tue Sep 26 2006, 6:03am

Archee Waters


When I have a nail break, I sacrifice a tea bag.
Take the mesh and cut to size.
Wet very slightly with nail polish remover so it will adhere to the surface of your nail.
Gently apply a base coat to seal it on without moving it out of position.
This is a temporary solution only.

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Entry No: 8 | Posted: Thu Jan 19 2006, 3:56pm


United States

I would like to point out that if your nail gets a rip, DO NOT rip it off the rest of the way. If you do it will take longer for it to grow back, and when it does it will probally be mishapen. I reccomend carrying around a pair of nail clippers in your bag just incase you get a break and are far from home.

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Entry No: 7 | Posted: Tue Jan 3 2006, 7:13am


United Kingdom

if you are very carefull long nails that have broken - either hanging by a thread or clean off - can be temporarily fixed with nail glue - the stuff you use to stick false nails on - run glue - or brush on along break and use tweezers to line up nail press gently together then paint them - repaired thumb nail 2 weeks ago - still got it!


Entry No: 6 | Posted: Mon Dec 19 2005, 8:46pm



I use a glue: Loctite Attak. Yes, it's dangerous, it's useful especially for the nails base, when you find that little tear...
Be careful and please follow my directions: put a *very small* quantity, just the amount you need to glue the 2 parts together. Don't put more glue, otherwise it will remain liquid and it will go under your nail and stick to yor skin, or it will make a "cluster" that will easily break again. Remember, this glue is dangerous, it's made for iron and such stuff. You can't even bring it in airplanes! But for emergency repairs it works well.
Then buffer your nail and apply transparent nail polish. It will last, but be careful in using your nail again: Attak may break, so have extra care!

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Entry No: 5 | Posted: Thu Sep 22 2005, 9:13pm

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