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United Kingdom

when Ive been completely desperate and without any kind of nail repair kit Ive found clear sticky back plastic useful. remove all the polish and clean then cut a peice the size and shape of the nail. carefully stick over and seal with a couple of coats of clear polish. good for holding a nail together untill a proper repair can be made, as it protects a little too. if the damage is more than a minor tear thougth it may not work too well.
soak and peel slowly to remove.

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Entry No: 4 | Posted: Sat May 22 2004, 9:34pm



sally hansen now makes an acrylic nail fixer thing thats portable it's about the size of a chunky permenant marker and costs about $17 australian it works pretty well

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Entry No: 3 | Posted: Tue Mar 23 2004, 4:23am


United States

I read about the cotton-wool thing for broken nails. I have found a similar technique but using tissue instead. You know how toilet paper comes in 2 layers? Well separate the layers and cut off a small piece, simply apply a clear coat of polish then place the tissue on top. Wait till polish is dry then apply another coat of polish. I usually then apply some more tissue, then some more polish then another layer of tissue and then as many coats of polish as I need on top.

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Entry No: 2 | Posted: Thu Jan 22 2004, 8:11pm

Cristina La Cava

United States

When your nail starts to break off or crack, get a cotton ball and stretch it out so that the cotton is kind of cobwebby. Put this over the broken nail, and then put a strengthener or top coat or something on top of it. You kind of have to play with it till it gets smooth, but it actually works really well.

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Entry No: 1 | Posted: Tue Feb 10 2004, 9:48pm

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