Dark Wyccan: About the Name

Contrary to what the name implies I am not Wiccan, which is ironic since the concept of "Dark Wicca" is usually associated with me and my work with Dark Paganism, albeit I encouraged many to explore the idea of a darker form of Wicca.

My first exposure to the "occult" was via Wicca and I still have a special place in my heart for that much misunderstood and abused religion. However as I continued to develop my own spiritual path I veered further and further from what I could honestly call Wicca. "Dark Pagan" might be a better term these days if you needed to categorize me.

My internet handle dates back to around 1995 when I was still just falling under the umbrella of Wicca. Someone had joked that I was "Wiccan but not Wiccan" and so I must be "Wyccan". Since I was deciding on an internet handle and I was meeting many in the NYC gothic scene I decided to call myself "Dark Wyccan" with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. There was already someone in my crowd who called himself Dark Druyd and another person known as Dark Melody and so it seemed all the more appropriate in that pun sort of way.

Since then the name just stuck and so while I do not use it much these days I could not bear to retire it all together. Besides, as those who know me can attest, I am rather fond of "gothic cheese" as it were and Dork Wyccan... I mean Dark Wyccan… has a certain cheesy charm to it.

So while you will only likely hear me use that name when with my fellow Corporate Goths and a few old friends, my home page shall remain the Realm of the Dark Wyccan in nostalgic honor of the good old days... not that I would say these new days are too shabby.

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